This Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement relates to actions and activities during the financial year July 2022 – June 2023.

Xchanger Services Limited is commitment to the principles of the Modern Slavery Act 2015 and the abolition of modern slavery and human trafficking.

As an equal opportunities employer, we’re committed to creating and ensuring a non-discriminatory and respectful working environment. We want our staff to feel confident that they can expose any wrongdoing without any risk to themselves.

Our recruitment and management processes are designed to ensure that all prospective employees are legally entitled to work in the UK.

We do not enter into business with any company in the UK or Europe which supports or is found to be involved in slavery and forced or compulsory labour.

Organisational structure and supply chains

This statement covers the business activities of Xchanger Services Limited which are as follows:

  • Re-manufacture and manufacture of all types of heat exchanger and the supply of new industrial heat exchanger spares.
  • Cleaning, repair and servicing of all types of industrial heat exchangers.
  • At our works, or customer requested sites.


The Company currently operates in the following countries:

  • United Kingdom – servicing and maintaining heat exchangers for various industries.

Our supply chain is from the UK and Western Europe. We ensure that our suppliers have suitable anti-slavery and human trafficking policies in place.

Due to the nature of our business we assess ourselves to have a low risk of modern slavery in our business or supply chain.


The management teams are responsible for compliance within their respective departments and in their supplier relationships and have been trained accordingly.

All employees receive an induction into the business where our policies, procedures and expectations are outlined.


The Company is committed to ensuring that there is no modern slavery or human trafficking in our business or our supply chains. This Statement affirms its intention to act ethically in our business relationships.

The following policies set down our approach to the identification of modern slavery risks and steps to be taken to prevent slavery and human trafficking in our operations:

  • Ethics Policy.
  • Grievance Procedure.
  • Whistleblowing Policy.
  • Equal Opportunities and Diversity Policy.
  • Recruitment Policy.


Our effectiveness in combating slavery and human trafficking

The Company use the following key performance indicators to measure how effective we have been to ensure that slavery and human trafficking is not taking place in any part of our business or supply chains:

  • Use of labor monitoring, right to work documentation and payroll audits.
  • We maintain a level of communication and personal contact with the next link in the supply chain to ensure their understanding of and compliance with our expectations.
  • We regularly review supply chain policies, codes of conduct and working practices to show commitment.


The statement is published in line with section 54(1) of the Modern Slavery Act 2015.

This Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement has been approved and authorised by:


Name: Glen Davison
Position: Managing Director
Date: 20-02-2023.
Signature: signature

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